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lessersoundMy name is Wayne Lewis Lesser, the founder of lessersound™. I am a hearing impaired person. I was born into a world of lesser sound. I want more safe sound, for less cost for more people worldwide. Others in our world have entered the world of lesser sound over time through aging or otherwise.

We are the Hearing Impaired People. We are H-I-P.

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What is lessersound?

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Each H-I-P has their own story. Read about their joys and struggles. Or share yours

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About Us

Learn about the team behind lessersound and their goals for H-I-P and H-A-R-P.

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hearing impaired people

We at lessersound represent the experiences and needs of about 900,000,000-1,000,000,000 H-I-P people . Yes, billion. That’s 12-15% of the world’s population of 7.1 billion who are H-I-P. Each of us has a family that is impacted. That numbers grows yearly. H-I-P have two ears. Each ear is affected differently to/by loss and problems. Each ear is unique.

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lessersound™ was also created for the protection and benefit of many of you who are Hearing At Risk People (H-A-R-P). We and they too will enter a world of lessersound™ because of increased exposure, sometimes knowingly and other times unknowingly, to unsafe sound which constantly surrounds us in our daily lives.

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lessersound™ Mission:

Advocacy, Augmentation, Innovative Products and Prevention

The lessersound™ goal and mission is to provide more safe sound for less cost for more H-I-P people wherever they are (Augmentation). It is also to provide information, advocacy, innovative products & solutions, and product protection to impede, protect and educate against hearing loss for those who are H-A-R-P, an area which has not been properly addressed from the marketing and preventative standpoint in identifying so many otherwise harmful sound environments at work and at play. lessersound is developing solutions for products for the H-A-R-P demographic, estimated to be in the billions of us here on Earth (Prevention).
Education For H-I-P

Educate yourself and find out how to live life as a H-I-P. Read More


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Resources For A Better Life

Help and support for a better hearing experience

Know Your Rights

H-I-P and H-A-R-P have rights they should know about. Learn about them.

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Knowledge Center

You have questions? We have answers. Browse through our knowledge center.

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Research done for H-I-P to have an understanding of how to deal with being hearing impaired.

Research for H-I-P

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